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2007 Predictions

As you can see from my FIFA World Cup Predictions, I’m not very good at these things but most items are more of a wish list…

  • F. C. Porto wins the Champion’s League (for the third time)
  • I win Euromillions
  • George W. Bush is tried for war crimes
  • Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Christians and Agnostics finally realize we´re all human beings
  • The richest countries in the world commit themselves to help the poorest
  • USA ratifies the Kyoto Protocol

Wait… this used to be a blog about technology 😛

  • The Linux Desktop finally starts to be relevant
  • GPL Java has a huge impact on Linux distributions
  • Mobile Internet usage increases exponentially
  • Adobe Flex and Apollo get the spotlight


For some reason, lately I’m not finding the will to write about tech stuff. Since this isn’t a precedent, I’m going to talk about something different. This time, a movie…

I just saw a trailer for “Perfume“. Coincidentally, it’s based on a book from 1985 which I just recently discovered (in my recent short summer vacation).

The story takes place in France, in the 18th century and you are immersed in a rich (mostly olfactory) description of the city’s atmosphere in that period.

It’s about a man who was born without a smell in the midle of fish guts in the smelliest city in the world at the time (the book is somewhat surreal) and survived infanticide only to become a serial killer…

The book tell’s you the story in the murderer’s perspective, not like similar stories which show you the criminal investigation and the victim’s suffering…

I’m really curious about the movie. Again, coincidentally, reading it I talked to people about how I thought It wouldn’t make a good movie because of the fact that it has a HUGE introspective aspect… But the trailer made me reconsider…

Another interesting thing about the book was it’s surprising final… I could tell you but I don’t want to spoil it  🙂

The Story of A Murderer


Rated R for aberrant behavior involving nudity, violence, sexuality, and disturbing images.

Web2.0 Requirements Update

Some time ago I wrote about what I considered to be the top requirements for Web2.0 apps.

Now I think “Web2.0” became just another buzzword.

So here are the new requirements:

  • Flashy logo with a “beta” tag;
  • DHTML (preferebly using rotating wheels to indicate work being done).

Generated Image

Au revoir Zizou!

Found this very realistic reconstitution of Zidane’s last play…

This concludes my football rants… Back to whatever I used to blab about 😛

We lost…

The dream is over…

Even though everybody was being really unfair with our team and we lost with a doubtful penalty (again!!!), we have to be able to show sportsmanship in defeat…

See you in 4 years…

Off-topic #3

Who cares about technology when your country is in the semi-finals of the Word Cup and you’re a football fanatic?

I think our national team’s performance may do more for our foreign image than millions of euros worth of tourism advertising.

About my predictions, I wasn’t counting on Germany or France reaching the semis but now I’m a little nervous about wednesday’s match because the last two times we played in official competitions against France, we lost in semi-finals…

Here’s a video that shows our players can play a beautifull game and that they don’t need to cheat to beat anyone: YouTube Video


Off-topic #2

My predictions seem to come throuhg so far…

<portuguese>Força Portugal!!! Hoje é sumo de laranja, no sábado é bife e quem sabe, nas meias paelha e na final picanha :D</portuguese>

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