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Cake Printers?!?!

What if you could e-mail a message to put in a birthday cake along with the order?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Morale: Use Thunderbird 😉

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“Java Is Dead, Long Live Java!” – The Future of Java

Is the Java era comming to an end?

There are a lot of exciting new technologies / platfotms out there…

I’m tempted to take “Ruby on Rails” for a spin, for example, but this article shows how the Java platform isn’t in any way less exciting than other popular solutions and how it hasn’t stagnated in any way…

“Java Is Dead, Long Live Java!” – The Future of Java— ‘Because of its prominence,’ writes Bryan Taylor, ‘Java gets a lot of attention and with it much criticism, some of it valid.’ What many may not realize, Taylor notes, is that some big breakthroughs have arrived and that the Java development landscape is solving important problems. In this column he takes a view of where Java is going to go in the next year or two as these ideas gain traction.

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