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Apple announced something new at Macworld

Last year it was the Intel based MacBook Pro, this year it’s this:


…there goes everyone’s new year’s resolution to avoid consumerism. 🙂


2007 Predictions

As you can see from my FIFA World Cup Predictions, I’m not very good at these things but most items are more of a wish list…

  • F. C. Porto wins the Champion’s League (for the third time)
  • I win Euromillions
  • George W. Bush is tried for war crimes
  • Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Christians and Agnostics finally realize we´re all human beings
  • The richest countries in the world commit themselves to help the poorest
  • USA ratifies the Kyoto Protocol

Wait… this used to be a blog about technology 😛

  • The Linux Desktop finally starts to be relevant
  • GPL Java has a huge impact on Linux distributions
  • Mobile Internet usage increases exponentially
  • Adobe Flex and Apollo get the spotlight

Bugs happen!

This is very bad publicity but I keep my faith in JBoss 🙂


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Got this message trying to find out more about Microsoft Office Live, using a beta version of MSIE7…


Apparently, my version is not recent enough…

Apple is cool!

Apple is in this momment one on the industry's top innovators.

This article is about a promissing new technology which hopefully will contribute to improve portable devices usability.

Apple has filled a patent for Multipoint Touchscreen which allows up to 15 simulantous touches of the screen. This new hardware allows to recognise gestures for enabling a new kind of user interface. Some gestures are detailed in other gesture user interface

User Interface Blog » User interface for Apple Tablet

VoIP: A buzzword to be taken seriously

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend who told me mobile phone networks where going to be forced to a paradigm shift.

They sell mainly voice services and this is quickly becoming obsolete. VoIP is the reason for this.

The tendency is that they’ll progressively transform into mobile ISPs. I have a GPRS / UMTS PCMCIA internet access card. Since I have a flat rate and (almost) broadband internet access, I’m able to use VoIP applications everywhere and make free calls (not to every networks, of course).

There’s one inconvenient. I’m not going to carry my laptop everywhere, the way I do with a mobile phone, leaving it always on. The solution is in applications like Skype for Pocket PC.

AllPeers: The next big thing?

The concept sounds great but let's wait and see…

AllPeers is a free extension which combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent to transform your favorite browser into a media sharing powerhouse.Regain control! You decide which media files you want to share with whom and to maximise your privacy, communications are encrypted.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

AllPeers :. Share exactly what you want with exactly who you want!

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