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2007 Predictions

As you can see from my FIFA World Cup Predictions, I’m not very good at these things but most items are more of a wish list…

  • F. C. Porto wins the Champion’s League (for the third time)
  • I win Euromillions
  • George W. Bush is tried for war crimes
  • Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Christians and Agnostics finally realize we´re all human beings
  • The richest countries in the world commit themselves to help the poorest
  • USA ratifies the Kyoto Protocol

Wait… this used to be a blog about technology 😛

  • The Linux Desktop finally starts to be relevant
  • GPL Java has a huge impact on Linux distributions
  • Mobile Internet usage increases exponentially
  • Adobe Flex and Apollo get the spotlight

Programmers are artists

Understanding the Psychology of Programming:

Contrary to popular belief, programmers more frequently resemble artists than scientists.

This is very true…

To be considered a genuine programmer, you have to have the creativity, passion, bad humor and big ego of an artist.

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