Linux flame wars truce?

Unix and Linux are big sources of diversity.

It’s always good to have alternatives but this has some downsides…

Flame wars, for one, are a constant. This is a short list of previous (sometimes excessively) passionate debates that took place over time:

  • Vi vs. Emacs;
  • Gnome vs. KDE;
  • Debian vs. Slackware vs. Ubuntu vs. Gentoo vs. Mandriva vs. SuSE;
  • Java vs. MONO vs. Python vs. C++.

The last discussion has been lasting for a while. Well known individuals in the Gnome scene like Miguel de Icaza or Havoc Pennington have been exchanging arguments on whether or not the core GNOME applications list should include MONO (Open Source .NET) apps or Java apps or neither and whether one of those languages / frameworks should be adopted to give GNOME faster development cycles and exponentiate the programmer base.

This discussion has been derived from the companies some of these people worked for. On one hand Novell, which is behind the Mono Project and (until now) on the opposing side, Red Hat, which had always opossed to include MONO apps in it’s free distro, Fedora Core, favouring Java.

And now, something amazing happens: the announcement that Fedora Core 5 will include MONO.

I specially like this sentence:

[…]we’re happy that we’re able to help heal the rift that was slowly growing in the GNOME community.

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3 Responses to “Linux flame wars truce?”

  1. 2 Siddharth Jagtiani June 19, 2006 at 4:12 am


    If you remember me from Brainshare, Europe at Novell. drop me a mail at or


  2. 3 Paulo Ferreira June 19, 2006 at 6:16 pm

    Wasn't me… 

    Mine is a very common name…

    …at least in Portugal, Brasil and Chelsea's squad 😛

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