Podcasting: The future of global democratic multimedia comunication?

I first noticed the word podcasting on this website. I used to just download the MP3 episodes and regularly check the website for other ones… Today I opened my eyes to an exciting relatively new technology 🙂

A podcast is simply a web feed of audio files (although increasingly people are applying the term to video and other media) that is placed on the Internet for anyone to download. It is usually possible to download the files directly from the website, just as one would normally do; however, special programs called podcatchers exist that let users subscribe to podcasts in order to automatically download and store the media files for later playback.

Podcasting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does anyone else think that this technology is an outstanding contribution to the evolution of global human communication? It's blogging / radio / television / newspapers all in one.

I think that 2005 was a great year. It brought us a handfull of technological innovations and breakthroughs [in the internet context]. My Top 3 includes AJAX, Google Earth and definitely, Podcasting.

Check out the standard client aplication for podcasts and it's extensive directory. (Music Store -> Podcasts)

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