Web 2.0 Vocabulary: “Mashup”

After folksonomy, here comes a new cool word in the Web 2.0 vocabulary: mashup.

Here is a good article about it.

And for a peak on the definitions:


[…] essentially a "mashup" is a web-based application built through (creative) combination of data from multiple sources. (source)


Folksonomy is defined as the practice of collaborative categorization using freely chosen keywords. In other words, a group of people cooperating spontaneously to organize information into categories, typically using categories or tags on pages, or semantic links with types that evolve without much central control. The use of formally typed links is however rare. Folksonomy is rarely supported directly by text navigation facilities, web browsers, or other tools requiring types. (source)

You can always count on these words to impress girls (or scare them away) 😉


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